Hair Care Guide

Hair Installation:
Hair Rehab recommends that hair is shampooed prior to installation by a licensed stylist. We recommend installing the extensions as one complete track and only cutting the weft when necessary. If weft is cut, we recommend sealing the weft. Shampooing hair: Hair rehab extensions should be treated as normal hair and shampooed weekly to maintain its natural state. Remember to comb out extensions prior to shampooing them. Brush your extensions from the ends to the weft. Remember to use a low PH high moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. 

* Shampoo hair once a week in cool or warm water 

* Never sleep in wet hair 

* Brush hair daily from the ends to the weft 

* Avoid shampooing hair in circular motion (this can cause tangling) 

* Apply conditioner and comb through with wide tooth comb 

* Rinse thoroughly 

* Do not overuse products (this will weigh the hair down) 

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